June 15, 2019

Internal Health

Nutrition should not be focused solely on weight loss. Also, just because someone looks good externally doesn't mean they are healthy internally.
If you are working with a health professional who doesn't understand this and the mechanisms of how nutrition correlates with inflammation and internal health it's time to move on.
Nutrition should be focused on getting you healthy internally and reducing inflammation as that's how you truly get healthy. If you create a healthy internal environment then weight loss will be a welcome side effect.
Most people don't mind carrying around an extra 20-30 lbs on a regular basis, but if they get cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis for example their world is going to instantly change. We need to stop focusing on external weight and start focusing on internal health because that's where all health problems start.
A few factors to consider outside of weight:
1. How's your energy?
2. Do you have major energy swings after meals?
3. Do you get out of breath easily?
4. Are you flexible, can you get up off the ground quickly?
5. How's your sleep, do you get at least 6 hours per night?
6. What are your hsCRP levels?
7. What are your HbA1c levels?
8. What are your fasting glucose levels?
9. What are your fasting triglyceride levels?
10. What are your Vitamin D-3 levels?

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