June 9, 2019

Food Journaling

Start a food journal:
(Share one thing you have noticed about your sensitivities below for others to see.)
There is not a single food on earth that is healthy for everyone because we all have different metabolisms, food allergies, sensitivities and digestive tracts.
Keeping a close eye on how you feel day to day can really help you clean up your nutrition protocol and get you feeling, sleeping and thinking at your best all the time instead of sporadically.
For example this is just a list of a few things I have personally noticed:
1. Too many raw nuts irritate my stomach
2. Eating apples plain makes me extremely hungry an hour later
3. Too many grains of any sort causes bloating and swelling for 12-24 hours. 4. All forms of beans irritate my stomach and cause bloating
5. White potatoes make my hands itchy and also make me feel bloated
6. Hot coffee just makes me go to the bathroom every hour and makes me lose focus
7. Too much cauliflower irritates my thyroid
8. Drinking the recommended 8+ glasses of water per day just causes it to sit in my stomach causing me to feel out of it and uncomfortable.
9. Too much raw spinach causes my kidneys to ache
10. If I take 400 mg of magnesium before bed I don't wake up at 3 AM
11. If I eat mostly meat, vegetables and berries along with intermittent fasting 3-5 days per week I feel extremely good physically and mentally.

How you do it:
1. Start seeing how you look (bloated or not), feel (mentally and physically) l and preform (how's your energy or if you are an athlete how was your workout?) on a daily basis, if anything is different day to day look at what you have been eating. Especially look at days where you feel really good and really bad.
2. The next time you eat the suspect food see what happens.
3. Start to remove things that don't sit well with you and customize your diet by the things you tolerate the best.
Remember, just because your family and friends does well with a certain food doesn't mean you will.

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