About Dr. Kehres

Dr. Dan Kehres is a wellness physician and owner of Kehres Health & Chiropractic, in Saginaw, Michigan. Visit www.kehreshealth.com or call 989-607-4322 for more information.

After receiving his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida, Dr. Kehres moved back to his home state of Michigan. He has enjoyed being active since he was little -- from running 5k races at the age of seven to playing football at Alma College. Dr. Kehres enjoys walking around town in his 5-finger Vibram toe shoes and trying to fit as many vegetables in his blender as possible.

His passion for chiropractic extends to different types of wellness, including nutrition, stress management and fitness.

To contact Dr. Kehres, e-mail drkehres@kehreshealth.com.