August 26, 2018

Grass Fed Meat vs. Grain Fed Meat

Grass fed meat versus Grain fed feedlot meat
Whatever something (humans or animals) eats determines how healthy it is. Cows are meant to eat grass not grains and when they eat grains it changes their nutrient density and makeup. Feeding cows grains is good for the farmer because the cows get to full size much faster allowing the farm to have a bigger turn around time and more profit. However, this is not good for the cow, the consumer of the meat and the environment.
Healthy meat should have close to a 1 to 1 ratio of Omega 6's to Omega 3's. However, grains are highly concentrated with Omega 6's which are very inflammatory for humans and cows and will throw this ratio out of balance to around 8:1 Omega 6's to Omega 3's. This promotes inflammation and typically causes the cows to get sick and to require antibiotics and or medication to stay alive long enough to get processed.
Try to find local farmers raising grass fed beef, you can talk to them to see how the cows are raised and even visit the farm to verify and know where your food is actually coming from. Buying grass fed beef in bulk from the farmer is the cheapest option if you have the freezer space.

The Side Effects of Medication

The idea behind pharmaceutical drugs seems great from a superficial standpoint. Have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety? Take a pill and you will be cured! Unfortunately it’s not that simple.
Our bodies are far more complex than research could ever prove. Drugs typically only work on one reaction, such as inhibiting the conversion of a single enzyme that produces cholesterol (statins). However, when you change one reaction it can impact the way everything else functions in the body, hence the reason all medications have a list of side effects 3 pages long.
This graph is one I used in biochemistry to show the basic cycles of our metabolism and cellular function, you obviously can’t read all the names because the real chart takes up half a wall, but the main point is that everything on this chart (aka in your body) is highly connected and proper function is critical to be healthy. If you change one reaction with a medication it’s going to alter every other reaction in the body eventually.

August 16, 2018

Chemicals In Your Cereal

Many genetically modified crops (GMO's) were made to be resistant to glyphosate (Roundup Ready crops) so that when Roundup which contains glyphosate was sprayed all over the fields it would kill basically everything in the field except for the crops.
This seems like a good solution for farmers to control weeds however it's a chemical disaster waiting to happen for our health. Humans are not resistant to glyphosate and GMO crops are unnatural.
"Out of 61 food samples tested, 48 had some glyphosate in them. The most heavily contaminated were made with conventionally grown -- as opposed to organically grown -- oats."

August 14, 2018

The Better Butter

I can't believe it's not Butter..... If it's NOT butter then what is it?
It's chemically made by mixing unhealthy corn, soy or cottonseed oils with nickel oxide. Heated to very high temperatures further ruining the oils, mixed with emulsifiers and starch, steam cleaned to remove the odor, bleached to remove the color and then dyed the color of butter. Finally it's injected with flavor to taste like butter!
Eat real foods, not foods that are chemically made to look, taste andsmell like other foods!

Kerrygold Grass fed butter is a much better option.

Nutrition Promotes Weight Loss

Everyone can agree that exercise is healthy for us however it's not the key to weight loss, nutrition is.
"Regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and some cancers by at least 30%,” they write. “However, physical activity does not promote weight loss."
The problem is that the more calories you burn during exercise the more calories you are going to crave afterwards. If you aren't eating healthy foods, you are going to magnify the problem with just eating more unhealthy foods.
Also, just because someone is skinny it means very little about their overall health. Whether you exercise or not, junk food is still inflammatory and will eventually cause disease.
Over and over we see people lose weight the easiest by putting their focus 100% on nutrition and not exercise, in fact many people who see the best weight loss results are only doing low intensity walking or bike riding on a regular basis.
How it needs to be done:
Learn how to eat healthy first and THEN implement an exercise routine! Your body will thank you.

August 7, 2018

Chiropractic Before Pain Medication

Side effects and addiction to pain killers have never been more prevalent that right now. They are easy to get prescribed and are also massively addictive.
Chiropractic adjustments have been shown over and over to be one of the most beneficial treatments for many types of pain.
This study published in The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics concluded that even when people were taking pain medications their side effects were greatly reduced when going to a chiropractor.
Please have anyone dealing with chronic pain to consider chiropractic before taking pain medications. Addiction and side effects associated with pain medications ruin lives and kill many people on a daily basis.