August 12, 2015

Recipe: Watermelon Kale & Spinach Smoothie

Looking for a new smoothie recipe? Delaney loves watermelon, so she loved this smoothie with kale and spinach in it too.

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July 29, 2015

The benefits of oil pulling

by: Jen Kehres

"Keep doing what you are doing, because it is working!" -A quote from my dentist today.

Two years ago I was referred to an periodontist because of gum inflammation and high amounts of plaque and tartar. Six months after that appointment my dental hygienist and dentist couldn't believe the difference. And today, my teeth and gums look healthier than ever!

What is the only thing I have done differently? Oil pulling.
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June 29, 2015

Are you using safe sunscreen?

Over and over again we hear the importance of sunscreen, but did you know there is a big difference between different types of sunscreen?

The non-profit Environmental Working Group puts together an annual report on sunscreen rating them on a 1 to 10 safety scale, with 1 as the safest product. 

"80 percent of 1,700 products we examined this year offer inferior sun protection or contain worrisome ingredients like oxybenzone and vitamin A," EWG said. 

Especially when it comes to kids be careful when choosing sunscreen as their immune systems are more susceptible to toxins.

Sunscreens with the best ratings include Honest Company, available at Kehres Health & Chiropractic, Babyganics, Ava Anderson and Badger. Sunscreens with the worst and most toxic ratings include Banana Boat, Coppertone and Neutrogena.

Want to learn more?
EWG's Eight Little-Known Facts about Sunscreens
To Sunscreen or Not to Sunscreen by Dr. Kehres

June 17, 2015

Four tips to reducing mental stress

Your brain only makes up 2% of your body mass (my wife thinks women are 4%) but burns around 25% of the energy in your body. 

Uncontrolled mental stress burns energy much faster leaving you tired, hungry and depressed. This is the root of many eating problem, health concerns and weight loss issues. 

If you don't address the mental stress in your life then you are going to have a very hard time reaching your health and weight loss goals!

1. Regular exercise helps to reduce mental stress

2. Protein and fat are burned a lot slower than carbohydrates so they fuel your brain a lot better, reducing cravings and stress.

3. Making action steps to address the stress in your life!

4. Meditate, most people never slow their brain down during the day

June 4, 2015

Juicing season!

It's juicing season! 

I love juicing throughout the summer and blending throughout the winter. 

Both blending and juicing help to maximize nutrient intake and can be a fun way to get lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet. 

Do you prefer juicing it blending and why? 

If you don't do either, what are you waiting for??!


May 4, 2015

Mobility tip: practice balance exercises to prevent falls

Have you ever wondered why your balance is worse when your eyes are closed? You are literally using a different part of your brain than when your eyes are open.

The number one cause of death among the elderly is from falls, many that happen at night when the lights are off. If you don't practice your balance with your eyes open and closed you are increasing your risk of falls at night!

The blue balance disc shown in the video is available at Kehres Health & Chiropractic in Saginaw or Midland. You can also typically find at a sporting goods store.

See a chiropractor to increase mobility and to reduce and prevent pain


Movement is anti-inflammatory. See a chiropractor to increase mobility and to reduce and prevent pain.

Contact Kehres Health & Chiropractic with locations in Midland and Saginaw at 989-607-4322. 

April 30, 2015

A doctor's response to "7 of the biggest ‘facts’ about unhealthy food that actually aren’t true"

There is no better experience and understanding of health than sitting down face to face with someone and working with them on health and nutrition. When nutrition and health protocols are dictated by the front line instead of our government and reporters we will see positive improvements.

I read articles all the time that are parroting what someone else has said, and these people almost never have hands on experience.

When it comes to the health field it is almost like reporters are the ones dictating the information. Not the health experts on the front lines actually working with people and seeing results. Because after all if it's in the news or on the internet it must be true!

It's very easy to sort through the junk out there like the article "7 of the biggest ‘facts’ about unhealthy food that actually aren’t true" by Roberto Ferdman.

1. They say GMO's are safe because research and scientists said so, OK follow the money trail then. Who's doing and paying for the research (I'll give you a hint, it's the companies producing the GMO's, don't fall out of your chair)? Bill Nye the science guy says so? When is the last time Bill Nye worked with patients? Also, two of the primary crops that are GMO are corn and wheat which are junk food even before they are GMO.

2. He says Aspartame is not bad for us. Tell that to our clients who have severe migraines, digestive problems, weight gain or other neurological issues for artificial sweeteners. It's called artificial for a reason.

3 and 4. I don't disagree with, YAY! We have clients start eating eggs and other high cholesterol foods and their cholesterol actually comes down!

5. MSG is an excitotoxin and addictive. Nerves are meant to send impulses and stop, MSG turns them on and they don't shutoff. When you eat meals that have a lot of MSG in them make note on how you feel throughout the next day. Also checkout some of neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock's videos.

6. He says gluten isn't a problem unless you have celiac's disease. Check with all the people who don't have celiac's disease but have a variety of other issues caused by gluten. Gluten has a very high affinity for metals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium etc. (Sounds like anemia, immune problems, muscle spasms, osteoporosis) Also, it's found in grains which are inflammatory and unhealthy anyways. Double whammy!

7. He said high fructose corn syrup is the same as regular sugar. Really? Check how it's actually processed biochemically in the body through the liver, ever wonder why people can have fatty liver disease and not be caused from drinking? I hear it all the time, "My doctor said I have fatty liver disease and I should stop drinking, but I don't even drink!"

Please share for anyone you think might benefit.

-Dr. Dan Kehres