December 29, 2008

Tips from the Blue Zones

-->Do you want to live the longest and healthiest life possible? Of course! In order to increase your chances of a long, healthy life it is beneficial to learn from people who have lived the longest and healthiest. Author Dan Buettner recently wrote The Blue Zones, a book about places around the world where the highest concentrations of centenarians live.
After a worldwide study funded by National Geographic and the National Institutes on Aging, Buettner determined the top 9 lessons from the healthiest, and happiest, 100 year olds.
  • Move naturally while exercising
  • Stop eating when you are 80% full
  • Eat more vegetables, avoid processed foods
  • Drink red wine in moderation
  • Have purpose in your life
  • Take time to relax and relieve stress
  • Create a social network
  • Make family a priority
  • Surround yourself with people who have the same mission

Source: The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner


December 19, 2008

Prevent Dry, Winter Skin

Winter brings many merry things – but dry skin isn't usually one of them. Dry winter air, heat from radiators and exposure to the elements all contribute to dry skin – but there are factors you can control, such as the types of foods you eat.

Your skin gives you a good idea about what’s going on inside your body. So a healthy body equals healthy skin.
How does this work? All the cells in your body are made up of fats and if you aren’t putting the correct types of fats into your body, your cells aren’t going to be as strong or function as well as they could be.

What are the correct types of fats and where do you get them? Two of the main types of fats in our bodies are Omega 6’s and Omega 3’s. We are suppose to have a 1:1 ratio of these types of fats. Currently, the average ratio of an American is 30:1 Omega 6’s to Omega 3’s. When these ratios are out of balance – it is unhealthy for your entire body, skin included.

To help balance the ratio, you not only need to increase the amount of Omega 3’s that you are eating, but also reduce the amount of Omega 6 fats. Omega 3’s are found in highest concentrations in green vegetables, grass fed meats and especially wild fish. Omega 6’s are found mostly in products that are made from vegetable oil, grain fed animals and processed carbohydrates.

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Source: Dr. Mercola,