December 29, 2008

Tips from the Blue Zones

-->Do you want to live the longest and healthiest life possible? Of course! In order to increase your chances of a long, healthy life it is beneficial to learn from people who have lived the longest and healthiest. Author Dan Buettner recently wrote The Blue Zones, a book about places around the world where the highest concentrations of centenarians live.
After a worldwide study funded by National Geographic and the National Institutes on Aging, Buettner determined the top 9 lessons from the healthiest, and happiest, 100 year olds.
  • Move naturally while exercising
  • Stop eating when you are 80% full
  • Eat more vegetables, avoid processed foods
  • Drink red wine in moderation
  • Have purpose in your life
  • Take time to relax and relieve stress
  • Create a social network
  • Make family a priority
  • Surround yourself with people who have the same mission

Source: The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner


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