August 26, 2018

The Side Effects of Medication

The idea behind pharmaceutical drugs seems great from a superficial standpoint. Have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety? Take a pill and you will be cured! Unfortunately it’s not that simple.
Our bodies are far more complex than research could ever prove. Drugs typically only work on one reaction, such as inhibiting the conversion of a single enzyme that produces cholesterol (statins). However, when you change one reaction it can impact the way everything else functions in the body, hence the reason all medications have a list of side effects 3 pages long.
This graph is one I used in biochemistry to show the basic cycles of our metabolism and cellular function, you obviously can’t read all the names because the real chart takes up half a wall, but the main point is that everything on this chart (aka in your body) is highly connected and proper function is critical to be healthy. If you change one reaction with a medication it’s going to alter every other reaction in the body eventually.

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