June 13, 2019

Firmicutes and Weight Gain

Firmicutes and Weight Gain:
Firmicutes are a type of bacteria found in the human colon that are very efficient at extracting extra calories from any food causing more calories to be absorbed in the body leading to extra body fat stores and weight gain.
They must be in balance with another type of bacteria called bacteroidetes. These two types of bacteria make up 90% of the bacteria in the colon and have to be in the right ratio for proper digestion. When the ratio shifts andfirmicutes outnumber the bacteroidetes weight gain starts.
Processed carbohydrates feed firmicutes causing their population to explode in the colon leading to major imbalances and weight gain.
1. Reduce processed carbohydrates to under 100 grams per day, 50-70 grams is ideal.
2. Load up on lots of vegetables and berries
3. Increase healthy protein and fats
4. Intermittent fast and only eat your meals between 11 AM and 7 PM

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