August 25, 2015

Seasonal Eating

Changing your eating patterns with the seasons just makes sense. Our bodies are much more in tune with the seasons than most people realize. More healthy carbohydrates during the summer with increased exercise and movement and more healthy protein during the winter with decreased daily movement. 

During the long winter months the carbohydrates that we typically live off of would have never been available. (Think blueberries growing in the middle of winter, not possible.)

During summer we are naturally moving more, this increase in energy expenditure just happens to go hand in hand with the increase in fruits and vegetables that are growing out of the ground. Coincidence? I think not. It's natural for us to crave and eat more carbohydrates throughout the summer.

During the winter months, decreasing the carbohydrate consumption and increasing healthy protein would be the best way to try to eat more naturally. The reduction in outdoor activity will decrease cravings and make it easier to follow a lower carbohydrate diet and a higher protein diet.

If you are doing intense exercise year round then you would want to eat your carbohydrates around the time you are doing increased amounts of exercise during the winter and limit them on days you aren't doing intense exercise.

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