August 6, 2015


When I talk about exercise with people many of them will respond,"well I walk a lot at work or during the day." or "I go for a mile walk every night after dinner." And that's great!

But, to me walking is not a form of improvement exercise (unless you get out of breath within a minute), it's an essential movement that your body requires on a daily basis just to function properly (digestion, joints, neurological, anti-inflammatory). Everybody should be walking at least a few miles on a daily basis even before thinking about other exercise.

By Improvement exercise I mean an exercise that's going to help you lose weight, gain muscle and reach the goals that you want. Unless you are already in the perfect shape that you want to maintain, walking probably isn't the best EXERCISE for you, although you should still be doing it on a daily basis as an essential movement!

The two best improvement exercises for weight loss and muscle toning are going to be weight training and interval training. These two have been shown over and over to help people reach their weight loss and health goals.

Keep walking but add weight training and interval training to your routine!

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