August 21, 2015

Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids

"But my kids won't eat healthy foods." 

Oh really, does your 3 year old drive to the store to get their own junk food? 

The only way kids are going to eat healthy is if the parents eat healthy too. If you have a lot of snacks and junk food in the house then all your kids are going to want to eat is junk food. 

My 17 month old daughter eats almost anything that you put in front of her because she doesn't have any other options. We were on a trip recently and I gave her a tiny bite of chocolate ice cream, for the next 30 minutes all she did was ask for "more, more, more, more!"

If she saw us eating this sort of food around the house on a regular basis, then all she would want to eat would be junk food! But she sees us eating fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies and other healthy foods so she wants to eat what we are eating.

I'm sure we will have our challenges with healthy eating, but we work hard to set a good example for her as much as possible.

If you want your kids to eat healthy, you need to lead the way and eat healthy too.

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