August 18, 2015

Off gassing: What is it and why should you care?

Everyone loves new stuff, carpet, furniture, flooring, paint, cars! 

Unfortunately, while making many new products chemicals are used and they stay in the product, especially the gases. For example when carpet is installed it can off gas chemicals for months after installation. (Think new carpet smell or new car smell) This might not seem like a big thing but long term it can cause many health problems. From allergies to headaches to digestive problems.

The biggest problem is with small children and dogs. When people are getting ready to have a baby they typically want to get new carpet and furniture. When the baby is born, where do they lay it? Right on the floor where the off gassing is the worst! As adults you might not notice the carpet smell, but if you get down on the ground it becomes a lot stronger.

When buying new stuff there are a few things you can do to help reduce this problem. Try to buy organic material that is made without using chemicals, have carpet installed or furniture brought before you are traveling somewhere so that it has a week to air out on it's own or even have your carpets cleaned with an organic detergent to help remove some of the chemicals.

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