July 1, 2012

New Month's Health Resolution: July

Shake it up!
Drinking shakes has been part of my daily routine for more than seven years and because of the many health benefits, I'm encouraging you to drink more healthy shakes this month!

Here are five reasons why you should drink healthy shakes:
  1. Blending fruits and vegetables leaves all the pulp in, which contains a ton of nutrients, enzymes and fiber. 
  2. Don't get enough fruits and vegetables in your daily diet? Shakes provide a high concentration of nutrients in one serving.
  3. The fiber will leave you full and with less cravings throughout the day, and is also great for your digestive system.
  4. Short on time in the morning? A protein shake is a fast, easy and healthy breakfast.
  5. Do your kids need more veggies in their diet? Make them a veggie shake!
My favorite shake is the veggie shake recipe, found here. It tastes great and is full of healthy greens such as spinach and swiss chard. 

Throughout the month, we will post shake recipes. All recipes on Kehres Health, including shakes, are gluten-free and dairy-free.

Send us your favorite shake recipe with a picture and we will add it to our Veggie Shakers recipe album!

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