July 29, 2012

Blueberries: Nature's Super Food

Dr. Kehres picking blueberries at Russell's Blueberry Farm
When it comes to health and nutrition the experts don’t always agree on everything, but there is one food we all almost always agree on – blueberries. One of nature’s super foods, blueberries have a very high nutrient content and many health benefits.

When your body is under stress, oxidation happens. Oxidation causes inflammation which leads to basically every disease known to man from Alzheimer’s to cancer. Oxidation can be caused by unhealthy food, toxins, mental stress, physical stress and any other form of stress.

Researchers from Oregon State University found that blueberries are the most powerful antioxidant rich food on earth.

Blueberries contain a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound called anthocyanin. On top of blueberries being loaded with antioxidants nutrition expert Dr. Jonny Bowden explains that the phytochemicals and antioxidants in blueberries work together to increase the free-radical absorbance to a level greater than any other fruit. Definitely a fruit you want to have in your diet on a regular basis!

We picked 34 lbs. of blueberries in less than two hours!
Russell’s Blueberry Farm in Freeland, Michigan has a you-pick blueberry farm open from July 4th until Labor Day. If you live in the Great Lakes Bay region, not only can you eat a superfood but you can get it locally grown!

Try incorporating blueberries into your daily diet to maximize your antioxidant content. Eat blueberries fresh, use them in a veggie shake or dehydrate blueberries. Eating more blueberries will help to keep your antioxidant levels high throughout the day and not only help you deal with stress but also help to reduce pain and inflammation.

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