July 10, 2012

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

Coconut Oil has many beneficial uses -- from cooking oil to whipped body lotion

We give our dog Rossi coconut oil regularly. Sometimes a small chunk of it as a treat, or when the coconut oil becomes liquid we will drizzle it over her dog food. 

Our gluten-free, dairy-free, coconut oil loving shih tzu
She loves it! Coconut oil helps prevent and reduce itchiness and is good for her overall health too.

Like humans, coconut oil has a variety of benefits for dogs too:
  • Reduces pet allergies and clears up skin conditions 
  • Improves digestion and reduces "doggie breath"
  • Aids in arthritis or ligament problems

Holistic veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker says “I recommend 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil for every 10 pounds of body weight twice daily.”

Pets deserve a healthy lifestyle too!

Learn more about the benefits of choosing natural skin (and fur) care products.

Organic coconut oil is available at Kehres Health & Chiropractic in Saginaw for $13.00. Contact us to order 989-607-4322 or drkehres@kehreshealth.com.

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