January 19, 2019

False Food Labels

Food label alert: Don't fall for it!

"Organic, Turmeric, Probiotics, Natural" they

are all buzz words companies will use to try to get you to buy their products. "These must be healthy, they have turmeric and probiotics and those are healthy!"
Yes, these things can be healthy, but not when it's coming with a 23 gram (total carbs minus fiber) dose of sugar which is the same as what's in the same size serving of a sugary coke.
This product is also called "natural defense" making you think that it's going to boost your immune system, however research is very conclusive that consuming this this much sugar is actually going to instantly decrease your immune system and will far outweigh any of the benefits of the probiotics or turmeric. Get ready for a push of buzz words like these in unhealthy products to make them seem healthier.

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