November 2, 2011

Dr. Kehres' Recipes Featured in New Cookbook

The Dark Side of Fat Loss & The Underground Cookbook
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When it comes to healthy eating most people know what they should be eating, but when it comes to cooking people typically don't know where to start. Cooking healthy, real food is unfortunately uncommon as we are surrounded by convenient fast food and pre-packaged meals.

When it comes to eating healthy; author, blogger and YouTube extraordinaire Sean Croxton always responds with "just eat real food."

In Sean's book The Dark Side of Fat Loss, released October 2011, he covers a variety of health topics from efficient exercises to better sleep techniques. Included with the book is The Underground Cookbook, which has more than 80 different recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and juices. Also included with many of the recipes are 40 cooking videos to show you how to make the recipes step by step.

Sockeye Salmon Patties, featured
in The Underground Cookbook
I am honored that three of my recipes are included in The Underground Cookbook! Dr. Dan's Veggie Shake, Salmon Patties and Venison Egg Breakfast Salad recipes and how-to videos are in the cookbook.

Click here to buy The Dark Side of Fat Loss, Underground Cookbook, Just Eat Real Food Food List and Food Log. This package includes a book, cookbook and a food log available for instant download to your computer, iPad (or similar device) for $39.

Let me know what you think of the book and cookbook! Have you read any good health books lately?
I'd highly recommend checking out Sean's cookbook especially if you are having a hard time making your health a priority.

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