July 14, 2018

Disease Prevention Chart

This chart is excellent!
Would you rather:
Have a 30% reduction in breast cancer risk or 80%?
Have no reduction in risk of MS or a 50% reduced risk?
Have 30% reduced risk of colon cancer or 60%?
The answer is obvious.
The medical world suggests that a Vitamin D-3 level around 32 ng/ml is ideal, however I have always been skeptical of this since most research concludes that it has to be closer to 50 ng/ml.
This chart breaks that down for some of the most common diseases and conditions and show's a massive decrease in risk for almost all conditions when you have your levels over 50 ng/ml and minimal benefit if they are around 32 ng/ml.
Research typically shows that ideal levels are between 50-90 ng/ml.
It's very easy to normalize your vitamin D-3 levels through supplementation and sunlight. The best way to know where your levels are is to test them after a series of supplementation modifying from that point. More supplementation is required in the winter than the summer.

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