February 21, 2018

Natural Immune Boost for Kids

Our natural immune boost tricks for our kids... we’re pulling out all the stops to try and keep our two toddlers healthy this winter.
•local bee pollen in our shakes
•elderberry syrup daily (I like the Gaia brand better but they were out)
•vitamin D3 daily (gummies for older kids, drops for babies) 
•natural hand sanitizer for when we’re on the go
•Thieves essential oil to diffuse and clean with
•daily veggie shakes
•(not pictured😂) breastmilk for our younger daughter
Other tips: get your kids adjusted regularly and limit grains, sugar and unhealthy dairy.
👉🏼where to buy: bee pollen at City Market, Elderberry kids syrup on Amazon, Honest Company products at Kehres Health & Chiropractic or Target, Thieves essential oil at Kehres Health or your local Young Living rep. 
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(These statements are of a general nature, consult your primary care doctor before using any product.)

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