July 26, 2016

Marketing To Our Sugar Addiction

Walking through the grocery store is typically going to be an emotional roller coaster for most people, especially if they are hungry while doing it. Food companies have done a lot of research on just the right combination of ingredients that will get customers hooked to their products and make them come back for more.

Research has found that there are three types of cravings people have: sugar, fat and salt. Each product on the shelf is going to fall into one of these categories. Beyond that, they also know the exact amount of sugar, fat and salt to put into any products to maximize dopamine release which stimulates pleasure while you are eating the product and also increases your cravings for that product the next time you are hungry.

Sugar is the biggest offender and it's not by mistake. Sugar stimulates the same neuronal pathways and to the same extent as cocaine. Our bodies innately track down sugar based products because before the industrial revolution we didn't have grocery stores lined with processed carbohydrates like we do today. Carbohydrates were only available seasonally for the most part and it was much harder to over eat them.

It's also about product placement. When checking out the from grocery store many people are hungry because they essentially just got done working out physically and mentally. Their bodies blood glucose is going to be a little lower than normal and they walk into the checkout lane where all the candy and processed carbohydrates are.

Marketing companies know exactly what they are doing by getting their product in the checkout line. Stressed out, hungry people are going to have a much harder time resisting a candy bar. Especially when they have to wait in line for 10-15 minutes while the people in front of them are checking out.

Make sure you never go shopping hungry, and if you are going to be shopping for a long time try to bring a healthy snack along with you.

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