March 9, 2016

Fix the system

Why is it that our medical system is so backwards when it comes to getting people healthy? It's no wonder we have one of the worst in the world when it comes to treatment of chronic conditions vs. the cost per person.

Instead of trying exercise, nutrition, supplementation, chiropractic or other natural treatments the system typically jumps right to medication or surgery. After all it is called the "Medical" system, so what do you expect?

Don't get me wrong, there is definitely a time and place for surgery and medicine but most of the time it should never be the first option.

Natural treatments have "NATURAL" in the name, but they are looked at as if it's witch craft. These treatments have been around much longer than our medical system has been, so why isn't this the first thing we look to?

I hear on a regular basis that an MD tells their patient that they definitely SHOULD NOT see a chiropractor, they should just take the prescribed medication and "wait it out." That's like me looking at someone with a broken leg and saying, nope don't go to the ER, just wait it out and it will take care of itself...

Until we fix the system we will never fix the chronic disease health crisis we are dealing with. 

How do we fix the system? Create the public demand and awareness.

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