February 4, 2015

Natural remedies for ear infections

source: family-wellness.com
We see kids with ear infections (ear pain) pretty frequently in our office

If you go to your medical doctor you are going to either get antibiotics which typically don't make sense at all because if there actually is an infection it will most likely be viral in nature which antibiotics don't work at all for. If that doesn't work they are going to want to do surgery and put tubes in their ears.

Drugs or surgery. Those are your options in the medical world.

Why not try something less invasive and natural? We see results all the time by adjusting kids. Their Eustachian tubes (Ear canal) are not slanted down like adults and fluid can get backed up. Getting them adjusted can help release the fluid and allow the ear canal to function properly and drain the fluids.

The American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines now state antibiotics should not be prescribed unless there is an obvious ear infection. They recommend the wait-and-see approach (without treatment) for:

  • Children 6 - 23 months with mild inner ear pain in one ear for less than 48 hours and a temperature less than 102.2 F
  • Children 24 months and older with mild inner ear pain in one or both ears for less than 48 hours and a temperature less than 102.2 F
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