February 3, 2015

My concerns about vegan diets

I watched a few documentaries this weekend about nutrition and a few of them were about a vegan diet and trying to get people to switch from the standard American diet. Which in most cases any switch from the SAD diet is going to be a huge improvement!

I personally am not a fan of a vegan diet because it's nearly impossible to re-create in nature, it's deficient in vital nutrients and enzymes and no traditional cultures around the world were truly vegan long term. The ones researchers found didn't eat meat ate bugs instead. 1 fat worm = 1 gram of protein, yummy!

If someone truly wants to go vegan I can understand. Factory farms are a horrible way to raise animals, but there are much healthier ways than many of these movies portray. Most of the meals they were eating were from soy and grain based products (A hormonal and inflammatory hot mess!). They were even drinking coke at most of their meals and going through the grocery store they showed Oreos as being vegan. YAY!

Removing nutrient/protein dense foods such as healthy fish and meats means that you have to find other foods to replace them with which are typically highly processed. 

If you are going to go vegan, avocados, nuts and coconut should be a staple of your diet along with spirulina and possibly a vegetable protein such as pea. Also, I'd highly suggest incorporating some good quality supplements and healthy smoothies loaded with berries and greens on a regular basis as well!

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