December 27, 2013

Healthy non-alcoholic holiday drinks - sparkling water

Are you looking for a healthy, non-alocholic drink to enjoy this holiday season? Especially with my wife being pregnant, this has been a priority for us this year.

I was recently on NBC 25 with different, delicious drinks and a few of our favorites.

Cascade Ice comes in four flavors, citrus twist, lemon zest, lemon lime and mixed berry. It is organic and has a very short ingredients list (always a good thing!). In Michigan, it is available at Kroger, click here to see where it is sold in other states.

Perrier sparkling water is available at most grocery stores and served in some restaurants. Plain sparkling water is delicious and you can add your own flavoring through fresh or frozen fruit, but they also offer a variety of flavors. Pink Grapefruit is Jen's favorite. The ingredients list for their flavored sparkling water contains "natural flavors" which is very broad and undefined, but it still makes this drink a better option than the majority of other holiday drinks. And Perrier is often easy to find in glass bottles, which is always the best option (safer than plastic). There are a variety of other healthy sparking water brands available, these are just a few of our favorites. 

Earlier this year we went to Europe, and many of the restaurants we went to for dinner served water in wine glasses and sparkling water was always available. This simple change of glassware made drinking just plain water more fun. Add some fruit to garnish the drink, and you have a very healthy and easy to make non-alcoholic holiday drink!

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