July 30, 2013

Prevent heart attacks through diet [NBC 25]

As seen on NBC 25, written by Joel Feick 

Dr. Dan says these foods can lead to good heart health

Saginaw chiropractor Dr. Dan Kehres says the quickest way to good cardiovascular health is through your stomach. What you eat can lead to great heart health.

Dr. Kehres, who appears regularly on NBC 25 Today, says blueberries, almonds and dark chocolate are foods you should include in your diet. He calls it part of a Polymeal. He says following it can reduce heart disease by 75%. He also loves anything that's homegrown. He's even printed up some t-shirts that read "Eat Local."

He also says red wine in moderation is good for your heart.

Check with your doctor before changing your diet dramatically. But the Polymeal diet is packed with nutrition. It's something to consider.

Watch the July 30, 2013 NBC 25 segment: 

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