June 30, 2013

What is the next best option after grass fed meat?

Even the most well prepared health nut is going to find themselves in a situation where they don't have the healthiest of options, but there are still ways to make the most out of any situation.

Every meal should have a core of healthy protein as it’s the most satisfying thing you can eat and comes with many other health benefits. Many people on a budget, on vacation or just in a hurry don’t have grass fed meat available. Instead of throwing in the towel and getting fast food or going out to eat there is a way to stay on track and make a healthier choice.  

If you are in a pinch and don't have access to grass fed meat, look for meat from the grocery store that is as lean as possible and remove the skin. This isn't because fat is bad for you, but it is because the chemicals and inflammatory omega-6 fats from the grains the animals are eating are stored in the fatty tissue. 

Touring Thomas Organic Creamery in Henderson, Mich.
Buying meat that is low in fat eliminates a lot of the issues, but is still no where near as healthy as grass fed meat. (Remember, if you have grass fed meat, you don't need to worry about the fats, they are very healthy for you!)

Either way, being as prepared as possible is always the best thing you can do to eat healthy. Buy part of a local grass fed cow, pig or local pastured chickens to stock your freezer with affordable, healthy protein to enjoy year round. Contact Kehres Health if you are looking for sources of healthy meat in mid-Michigan and the Great Lakes Bay area. 

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