June 9, 2013

Smug and Busy [guest post by Dr. Rebecca York]

I can't tell you how many times people tell me they are too busy to cook healthy food, too busy to exercise, too busy to come to health classes or chiropractic appointments. Dr. York, a chiropractor in Bay City, Mich., described the problem of being "too busy" perfectly. It is time to make your health a priority. 

Guest post by Dr. Rebecca York, yorkwellness.blogspot.com

I read somewhere in a how-to-keep-your-peace-of-mind article that we should eliminate the word "busy" from our vocabulary for 21 days. I tried it. Several times. Not only could I not do it, but now I am annoyingly and acutely aware of its ridiculous and constant over-use.  Every single person says it. ALL THE TIME. I'm so busy. I've been busy. I'm too busy. I've been so busy.   It's smug. It's detached. It's distracting.  It's annoying.

Here's what busy really means:  I'm not focusing on what matters most.

Busy does not bring recycled bags do the grocery store. Busy is buying crappy, junky gifts at the last minute from the aisles that mean nothing to the giver or receiver. Busy is listening to your kids story but not hearing a damn thing they said. Busy is forgetting birthdays. Busy is always getting food from a drive-through window. Busy is not showing up to the appointment or your life. Busy is an excuse and escape. Busy is always somewhere else.

You see? Busy is not focusing on what really matters most. How do I know?  Because no one says, "I've been so busy listening to my children." Or "I've been so busy trying to do kind things for other people." Or "I've been so busy volunteering at the women's shelter." Or "I've been really busy just spending time quality with my husband." 

So what do we do?

Slow down. Not in a whittle-my-own-shoes-on-the-porch-with-a-country-time-lemonade-type-of-way. But in a this-is-what-matters-in-my-life-and-I'm-going-to-stop-the-frazzled-scrambled-merry-go-round-of-a-life-and-make-it-happen relaxing life type of way. You bring the recycled bags to grocery store because you hate what plastic bags do the environment. You buy gifts thoughtful with your heart. You invite friends over to gather and converse over good home-made food. Your conversations have depth. You shut off your phone and really listen to your children. You do yoga. You make your to-do list smaller. Instead of blabbing about the big things, you do small thoughtful things. You stay present. You prioritize. You walk with a slow swagger and a little more joyfully.

Stop using the word busy! Stop saying it. Stop thinking about. Stop living it. Just stop. Slow down, breathe, enjoy. Do what matters most. Live Well!

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