January 20, 2013

True Health: Cholesterol & Statins

We have all been told that eating too much cholesterol or having cholesterol levels that are too high is really bad for our health. So most physicians test your cholesterol levels and if they are "high" give you a statin.

LDL cholesterol also known as the "bad" cholesterol actually has many different forms. Subtype A and Subtype B are the two most researched. There is a HUGE difference between subtype A and subtype B. Subtype A is very healthy, subtype B is more damaging and inflammatory.

The basic blood work that your physician does ONLY tests your general LDL levels, it doesn't check your subtype levels at all. It gives you a reading on all your LDL types, which is totally worthless in determining someone’s cholesterol/health status.

It is impossible to know if you have healthy LDL or unhealthy LDL levels without testing subtypes. Prescribing a statin without knowing this doesn’t make sense.

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