January 8, 2013

NBC 25 - Working out with the Saginaw Athletic Club

They're Out to Pump You Up
by Joel Feick, NBC 25
With Ryan McGraw, owner of the Saginaw Athletic Club, and Joel Feick, Jason Adams and Brittany Shannon of NBC 25, www.minbcnews.com 

Two former athletes in Saginaw are really out to pump you up.

Dr. Dan Kehres is a chiropractor and former college running back. Ryan McGraw is a personal trainer and owner of the Saginaw Athletic Club. He's a former outfielder with Coastal Carolina. Ryan says he was a runner not a hitter!

Both say people need to get off the couch and move their rear end (and every other part) to gain maximum fitness.

Dr. Kehres asks if you're getting in a rut with your workout. "Have you ever noticed someone at the gym on the treadmill day after day but who doesn't seem to be getting in any better shape? They are probably stuck in a workout rut" says Dr. Kehres.

Different types of exercises and workouts cause your muscles to develop differently. For example, sprinters are typically very muscular as they are built for speed and power, whereas marathon runners are thin and lanky since their muscles are built for endurance.

We have been told over and over that to get in shape you need to exercise for an hour a day, but more isn't always the answer—especially if it is a repetitive exercise (unless you are training for a marathon).

Dr. Kehres and Ryan put our NBC 25 Today morning crew to the test. If you'd like to contact him: www.drkehres.com

For more information about the Saginaw Athletic Club visit www.saginawathleticclub.com or call (989) 401-5009.

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