November 1, 2012

New Month's Health Resolution: November

November health resolution: Gratefully Aligned, write down one thing you are grateful for every day. 

Researchers found that people who have a positive attitude during stressful events are 22% less likely to have a heart attack than those who have negative attitudes.

It can be difficult to improve your mood or change from a pessimist to an optimist overnight, but it is something you can practice. For example, if you want to run a marathon, you train consistently by running a little bit every day. You don't become a marathon runner overnight.

You can also train to improve your mental health, which is this month's resolution. Practice optimism by focusing on the positive instead of dwelling on the things that are going wrong in life; writing down what you are grateful for every day is one way to do this.

Keep a list on your fridge for you and your family to write what you are grateful for, write in a journal by your bed, post it on Facebook or Twitter or make a list on a chalkboard.

Improve your health by focusing on the good in your life every day to keep you gratefully aligned. 

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