October 1, 2012

New Month's Health Resolution: October

October's resolution: Perfect your posture 

Posture dictates your health
Think of a healthy, older person that you know. Now picture  an unhealthy, older person. What are the main differences between them? 

An unhealthy person is slouched forward, with their back hunched over. A healthy person is up right, standing tall, full of energy when they walk into a room. 

As a chiropractor, I have seen how important proper posture is -- posture dictates your health. The sooner you start to improve your posture, the healthier you will be. 

Improving your posture can be done through awareness, simple exercises and chiropractic. This month we will be sharing tips on how to improve your posture, and improve your health. 

Proper posture can help relieve back pain, but it can also improve your breathing (the more oxygen you take in, the more energy you will have), prevent headaches, help with digestive issues and more. 

Watch the video of the Bruegger's Stretch below to see an exercise you can do, even while at work, to improve your posture.

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