August 5, 2012

Health Classes & Running Clinics

This weekend, Dr. Kehres taught a proper running form class at CrossFit Macomb. There was a great turnout as he taught tips such as proper arm swing and how to run with a mid-foot stride instead of heel striking. 

Learning proper running form now, will help prevent injuries down the road and it is the same for other aspects of your health. If you learn how to eat healthier now, you will help prevent illness. 

Click here for an upcoming schedule of free health classes at Kehres Health & Chiropractic in Saginaw throughout August and September. Dr. Kehres is also available to come to your business or upcoming event.

Classes include
  • Eat More, Exercise Less
  • Grains: The Real Truth
  • Make Your Health a Priority (basic nutrition)
  • Nature's Nutrients (a new class about the most important nutrients you probably aren't getting enough of and the best ways to get them)

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