August 27, 2012

Avoid Sugary Breakfast Foods for Kids

Morning health tip with Liz MacFarland of NBC 25, Michelle Mersy of Great Lakes Bay Moms and Dr. Dan Kehres of

Do you know how much sugar you are feeding your kids for breakfast? Whether it be in their cereal, in their juice or in a snack you give them as they run out the door. 

Dr. Dan Kehres, a wellness physician in Saginaw says most kids are taking in too much sugar in the morning at breakfast time and it is causing them to crash in the middle of their day. Dr. Kehres suggests whipping up a healthy shake in the morning for your kids. It may be difficult for kids to eat their veggies, but if they are whipped up together with some fruit, most kids are more likely to indulge.


Great Lakes Bay Moms featured our veggie shake recipe and some other tips in this article, Shake it Up For Breakfast

Look for a breakfast that includes healthy protein, healthy fats and fruits and veggies if possible. Eggs, veggie shakes and whey protein shakes are all healthy options for kids and adults, without the sugar of Pop Tarts and breakfast cereals. 

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