April 1, 2012

New Month's Resolution: April

Create a healthy home

True health means taking care of all aspects of your health -- including physical, nutritional, mental and chemical. Reducing toxins is very important and typically chemical health is often the area people know the least about.

Creating a healthy home is a priority for us, and should be a priority for everyone, especially families with children, pets or immunocompromised individuals.

The use of chemicals in the home is being linked to more health conditions and diseases every year, ranging from asthma to skin conditions to cancer.
A recent study by the EPA stated that the toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air.

The Environmental Working Group found that more than one in five personal care products contain chemicals linked to cancer.

Besides the health benefits of reducing toxins, it helps the environment and is often more cost-effective. To create a healthy home, use as many natural cleaning products as possible to reduce the risk of having a chemical related illness. If you couldn’t eat it, don’t use it.

Look for tips throughout the month about reducing toxins at home and share your favorite all-natural home remedies with us on the Kehres Health Facebook page

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In 2012, I challenge you to do a new month’s resolution instead of a new year’s resolution. This year, let’s celebrate accomplishments and re-focus on new goals each month.

On the first of every month, a new month’s resolution will be posted on DrKehres.com. Share your updates in the comments below or on the Kehres Health Facebook page. Articles and tips will be posted with each resolution.

Make your health a priority throughout the year!

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