April 22, 2012

18 Uses for Coconut Oil

There are many benefits of coconut oil, from cooking to skin lotion – coconut oil is one of the best products to have on hand. It is important to your health to reduce chemicals and toxins as much as possible, especially if you are pregnant or have young children at home.

Here are 18 uses for coconut oil:

1. Age spots (also known as liver spots) – applying coconut oil directly to the age spot will help it fade.

2. After shave – coconut oil will help heal your skin after shaving without clogging pores. Great for razor burn!

3. Baldness – apply three times a day to affected area of hair loss. Coconut oil supports cell regeneration.

4. Bruises – applied directly to the bruise, coconut oil enhances the healing process by reducing swelling and redness.

5. Bug bites – when applied directly to a bug bite, coconut oil can stop the itching and burning sensation as well as hasten the healing process.

6. Cooking oil – when cooking food that reaches high temperatures, use coconut oil as it has a higher smoke point than olive oil. The organic coconut oil we carry at Kehres Health & Chiropractic won’t leave your food tasting like coconut.

7. Cradle cap – having issues with dry skin on your baby’s scalp? Coconut oil will not only nourish your baby’s skin, it also helps eliminate cradle cap. Just rub a teaspoon onto scalp daily.

8. Dandruff – coconut oil soaks into the scalp moisturizing dry skin and relieves symptoms of dandruff. It also helps to control oil secretion from the scalp, another leading cause of dandruff.

9. Diaper salve – safe and chemical free for babies with diaper rash, also safe for cloth diapers.
whipped coconut oil lotion

10. Dry skin – use an electric mixer to create all-natural whipped body lotion. Coconut oil can also help relieve psoriasis, stretch marks, dermatitis and eczema.

11. Eye cream – apply under the eyes to reduce puffiness, bags and wrinkles.

12. Hair conditioner – massage into your scalp and hair, let sit for 10 minutes and wash out.

13. Insect repellent – mix coconut oil with a bit of peppermint oil extract and rub it on exposed skin.

14. Lip balm

15. Makeup remover – use a cotton swab and a dab of coconut oil.

16. Pets – if your pet is itchy, rub on their skin and feed them a teaspoon of coconut oil a day.

17. Supplement – add coconut oil to your daily supplements, eat a spoonful of it each day or add to shakes, to prevent disease and reduce inflammation. I’ve had patients see improvements in dementia and Alzheimer’s from eating coconut oil daily.

18. Wrinkle prevention and reducer – rubbing coconut oil on winkles and sagging skin helps strengthen the connective tissues.

Always look for extra-virgin, expeller pressed, organic coconut oil. It can be found at your local grocery store, health food store or at Kehres Health & Chiropractic.

What is your favorite use for coconut oil? Tell us at our Kehres Health Facebook page.

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Source: hybridrastamama.com


  1. I have used organic coconut oil for most of the above mentioned uses. One that stuck out to me is how it's good for pets. I just recently started adding some to my older dog's water bowl and have noticed he has much more energy than before.

  2. I have also heard Coconut is a good oil for 'oil swishing'. (Improves dental / gum health, and supposedly purifies the blood/body, etc? Google the term to learn more. Other oils used are EVOO, Sesame Oil, Sunflower Oil.