March 1, 2012

New Month's Resolution: March

Try a new workout each week

Whether you are getting ready for spring break or need to revamp your New Year’s Resolution (learn why I prefer monthly resolutions) – this is a good time of year to switch up your workout routine, or start one.

This month, I challenge you to try a new workout each week. For those of you in the Great Lakes Bay Region, be sure to stay tuned throughout the month as I will feature local places including free passes and prizes.

If you currently have a workout routine, you may wonder why you should mess with a good thing?

Because there is always an opportunity to get better.

Here are some other reasons to try new workouts:
  • Avoid plateaus. Why are there people who run marathons that are still overweight? 26.2 miles is an amazing accomplishment. Your body is smart, it adapts to its conditions. So if you continue with the same exercise, whether it is running ten miles at a time or spending an hour on the elliptical, you will stop seeing changes in your body. Surprise your body by varying your workouts and boosting your metabolism. It is time to burst out of your workout rut!
  • Make exercise fun. Yoga today, swimming tomorrow, Kettlebells the next day… how could you get bored? Try new workouts to challenge yourself and continue to get inspired by the experts of the exercises around you. 
  • Let your body rest. If I only did bicep curls every day, imagine how worn out my arms would be, how underdeveloped my other muscles would be and how ridiculous I would look if biceps were the only muscles I had. By varying your workouts, you will naturally prevent yourself from being over trained and decrease the risk of injury.
If you are already set in a regular workout routine, great job, and get ready to take your fitness to the next level! If you don’t currently workout, this is the month to start!

Learn more:

In 2012, I challenge you to do a new month’s resolution instead of a new year’s resolution. This year, let’s celebrate accomplishments and re-focus on new goals each month.

On the first of every month, a new month’s resolution will be posted on Share your updates in the comments below or on the Kehres Health Facebook page. Articles and tips will be posted with each resolution.

Make your health a priority throughout the year!

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