June 7, 2011

Pass the Pesticides Please

I always encourage people to buy food as natural as possible so you can add your own salt, seasoning, sugar, dressing, etc. to taste. You always add less than the restaurant or food manufacturer would. It gives you more control over your food and what you are eating.

For example, if you are ordering a salad at a restaurant, ask for dressing on the side and add to taste. Choose low sodium soup, add salt to taste. Choose unsweetened tea, add sugar to taste.

Choose organic food, add pesticides to taste.

Would you ever add insect spray, that "kills on contact," to your food before eating it? Why would you use pesticides in your garden as your fruits and vegetables are at their most vulnerable state? Buy and grow organic produce! Then it is your choice if you want to add pesticides to taste.

On a budget? Learn what fruits and veggies are the most important to buy organic.

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