June 27, 2011

Gardening: Update & Natural Rabbit Repellent

Three weeks after planting our garden, it has turned into an organic jungle! Everything has been coming in great, especially with all the rain we have had.

We have not used any pesticides on our garden, but we did have to deter some rabbits who ruined our sugar snap pea plants and got into the spinach (see the picture top right). I mixed garlic powder, cayenne pepper and a little bit of natural dish soap with water, spray on the plants about twice a week, and the rabbits haven't come back since! We have also been spraying a mixture of natural dish soap and water on our plants as a natural bug repellent.

The cilantro tastes great, and the butter crunch lettuce is just about ready to start eating. There are a few green peppers that are coming in, and we have a ton of green onions. Hope your garden is growing well! What works for you to keep rabbits and bugs away?

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