February 13, 2011

Shape-ups or Vibrams?

Shape-ups                                                               Vibram FiveFingers

One question I've been asked many times is what I think about the new style of Shape-up tennis shoes. If you are looking for the right shoe to improve your gait and build muscle, I always recommend Vibram FiveFingers.

Shape-ups alter our natural bio-mechanics dispersing stress unevenly throughout our bodies. The more natural the better, and Vibram FiveFingers are about as natural as you can get as they simulate walking and running barefoot.

Our bodies are made to move a specific way starting with the way our feet come into contact with the ground. Our feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and spine are all shaped the way they are to help disperse stress equally throughout our bodies.

Here are some testimonials from people I've recommended Vibram FiveFingers to:

"The past few years my feet have been hurting when walking long distances, I received a pair of Vibrams as a gift, and now I can walk all day in them without any pain. They make such a difference." --Joanne, age 55

"I used to get back pain while lifting weights at the gym, when I switched to wearing Vibrams instead of normal tennis shoes, my back pain dimenisioned significantly, especially when doing squats and deadlifts." --Tony, age 20

Many people can't jump right into wearing FiveFingers as their feet have adapted to regular shoes with too much cushion. Take your time and ease into wearing them, your body will thank you later!

If you live in the Great Lakes Bay area, Vibram FiveFingers are available at Runners, for more information call 989-790-4000 or visit http://www.runnersperformancestore.com/.

Read more about the benefits of Vibram FiveFingers here.

1 comment:

  1. I have personally seen several problems with people wearing shape-ups. Many involve the achilles or knees.

    Most people have alignment issues that start with their feet and cause problems in the knees and up through the lower back. Instead of creating instability with shoes like shape-ups, getting fit for a shoe that will assist a proper alignment for your GAIT can alleviate the stresses in these areas.

    As Dr. Kehres stated, slowly introducing your body to walking with Vibram FiveFingers can build muscle and improve your GAIT over time.