February 1, 2011

New Month's Resolution

It is one month into the New Year and many of us have forgotten about our New Year’s resolution. Instead of New Year’s resolution, why not start making New Month’s resolutions?

With traditional annual resolutions people tend to put off making big goals the whole year, waiting until New Year’s Eve, focusing on it for the first few weeks, then putting it off for the rest of the year again.

This year, let’s celebrate accomplishments and re-focus on new goals each month. If your resolution was to get healthy and lose weight this year, focus on incorporating two new vegetables into your daily meals this month. Or to try a new workout class at the gym three times a week. Then next month, re-evaluate your progress and pick another small goal to focus on.

Don’t sit around and wait for the New Year to come around to set goals, challenge yourself throughout the year.

Happy New Month! 

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