September 9, 2010

Dr. Dan's Veggie Shake

For the past few years I have been making vegetable shakes almost daily, and I have received a ton of questions about them and also a few crazy looks for drinking them (especially when I used to make them with broccoli!). These green shakes are an excellent way to get more nutrients into your diet throughout the day.

Sometimes I'll add protein to my shakes, but I typically drink it as a snack throughout the day. The great thing about a blender, is that you can mix anything together! I encourage you to try a veggie shake, and notice the increase in your energy levels.  I'd love to hear your favorite shake recipes.

Watch my video on vegetable shakes here!


  1. I just started drinking veggie shakes. Tried broccoli once but I think I had too much. My favorite is spinach (hand full), ricotta cheese (1/4 cup), soy milk (1/4 cup) and chocolate protein powder (2 tbs). I have been adding a half of a hand full of almonds lately.

    The ricotta cheese helps smooth out the shake. Substitute the spinach for blueberries and you have cheesecake in a cup.

    Looking for other veggies to try!

  2. I wasn't sold on the idea of a veggie shake but Dan has finally convinced me! I wanted to ease into all the veggies so for a personal shake I put half a head of romaine lettuce, about a handful of spinach, and a handful of pineapple and strawberries, and about a half cup of water!

    It was really good, it has almost no taste of the lettuce and spinach..(just make sure you blend it completely!) Thanks for finally getting me to try it Dan!

  3. Jeff LB Planck9/14/10, 1:43 PM

    My 80 percent shake consists daily of 1 banana, 10-15 raspberries, 10-15 blueberries, 5 strawberries, 2 large stems of kale, and a huge hand full of spinach. The banana is key for making the shake creamy and raspberry is the key for high fiber. The raspberry and banana are the two main keys for increased flavor as well. I like the shake 2/3 full of water to make it a little thicker. This makes roughly 40 ounces so 20 ounces for two people. I either do this and refrigerate over night so it is cold or I add ice so it is cold on the spot.

    My 20 percent shake consists of root beer and ice cream.

    My other 20 percent shake consists of margarita mix, tequilla, and ice.

    Great shakes!!

  4. I love this! Who would have thought that green smoothies could taste this good? I'm going to share this video on my blog, What I learn about living from my chronic illness. For people like us, eating a diet of fresh vegetables and fruit is extremely important. But it's hard. Green smoothies are so easy. My husband and I make a blender full every other day. I even keep a few in the freezer for when we travel. That way I'm not tempted to grab fast food or carbs.

  5. I would encourage anyone to try this, it is a good way to get your daily nutrients! I thought that it was going to taste terrible, but I actually liked it. It is simple to make, so why not? :)

  6. I like the "green monster" You take 4 cups baby spinach, 1 banana, 1/2 cup almond or soy milk and 6 oz vanilla yogurt. SUPER protein shake for the morning, and tastes like a milkshake! YUM-O!!