August 31, 2010

Eat More, Weigh Less?

OK lets admit it, we have all read the number of calories on a package at the grocery store thinking we were doing ourselves a favor by limiting calories. Unfortunately, low calorie diets don’t live up to all the hype! Recent studies have shown that this type of eating will actually lead to weight gain after the initial weight loss. 

When you reduce the amount of calories in your diet, your body thinks you are going into starvation, and as a result any food that you put into your system will actually be stored as fat. 

The stress of calorie restriction on the body causes the release of excess sugar, that was previously stored in the liver. High amounts of excess sugar can lead to Type 2 Diabetes – which ironically can also be caused by eating too many calories. 

Instead of counting calories, focus on eating real, whole foods. When you eat real foods your body gets the nutrients it needs and your cravings will be eliminated. Alternatively, as the nutrient value of processed foods is so minimal, you will continue to crave foods until your body fulfills the nutritional requirements it needs. 

Just because a food is marked low calorie, does not mean it is a health food. Value real food and nutrient content instead of counting calories. 

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