June 19, 2009

Sprinters Versus Marathon Runners

What does your dream body look like? Are you setting the right goals and taking the right steps toward achieving this body?

Different types of workouts and exercises will cause your muscles to develop differently. For example,
sprinters are built for speed and power where as marathon runners are built for endurance. Because of this, sprinter’s muscles tend to be much larger and burn fuel at a very fast rate, whereas marathon runners tend to have smaller muscles that burn fuel at a much slower rate.

Most people think that doing sprint workouts are only for high level athletes, but sprint workouts can be very effective for anyone at any age. Also, they typically take much less time than going for a long run. Sprint workouts can be done not only by running, but by bicycling, swimming, jump roping or any other way you can alternate fast bursts with rest periods.

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