June 20, 2009

How's Your Running Form?

Running can be a great way to get exercise given it’s done right. Every time your feet come into contact with the ground it disperses the impact throughout the rest of your body. Our bodies are made to run a specific way but with all the new types of un-natural footwear and altered postures most people tend to run with bad form and posture.

Altered running postures are ultimately going to lead to sprains, strains, fractures and eventually degeneration, typically in the hips or low back, which causes many runners to give up running for the rest of their lives.

If every single joint in your spine and hips isn’t moving correctly eventually the joints are going to degenerate. This is because the impact between your foot and the ground needs to be evenly dispersed throughout your body joint by joint, if any of these joints is fixated or stuck the impact is going to go to this same joint over and over causing it to degenerate.

Click here to view a video from New Jersey Sports Medicine and Performance Center
New Jersey Sports Med Gait Video. After watching this video pay close attention to your form the next time you are out for a run.

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