September 6, 2018

The Costs of Diabetes

Every time you eat you are either getting healthier or sicker and the majority of people are getting sicker by the day.
People with type 2 diabetes don't spend their retirement traveling the world and spending time with their grand kids, they spend it going from doctor to doctor and pharmacy to pharmacy.
"The American Diabetes Association (Association) released new research on March 22, 2018 estimating the total costs of diagnosed diabetes have risen to $327 billion in 2017 from $245 billion in 2012, when the cost was last examined.
People with diagnosed diabetes incur average medical expenditures of $16,752 per year"
Indirect Costs Include:
-Increased absenteeism ($3.3 billion)
-Reduced productivity while at work ($26.9 billion)
-Reduced productivity for those not in the labor force ($2.3 billion)
-Inability to work as a result of disease-related disability ($37.5 billion)
-Lost productive capacity due to early mortality ($19.9 billion).

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