July 15, 2014

Switch to glass containers for your health

Lifefactory glass bottles, available at Kehres Health
Research is becoming more conclusive that all plastic containers (including BPA-free) leech estrogen like compounds into the contents of the containers even if they aren't heated.

Increased levels of this compound has been linked to everything from cancer to diabetes and ADHD.

Switching to glass is easy! Glass lasts longer and stays cleaner than plastic. Consider making the switch! 

Glass Lifefactory bottles are available in a variety of sizes and colors at our Saginaw chiropractic office and Midland chiropractic office. Visit www.KehresHealth.com or contact us at 989-607-4322 for more information. 

Source: The Journal of Endocrine Disruptors, Low dose effects of bisphenol-A: An integrated review of in vitro, laboratory animal, and epidemiology studies

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