September 3, 2013

ACHOO! Relieving allergies the natural way [NBC 25]

As seen on NBC 25, written by Joel Feick 

Local honey at the Saginaw Farmers' Market
It's more than just a tasty treat to put on your toast. Honey may have medicinal benefits, especially when it comes to allergies.

But it has to be local honey.

That's according to Dr. Dan Kehres, a Saginaw area chiropractor and natural living advocate. Dr. Dan preaches a healthy lifestyle and has long been an advocate of locally grown food. He feels it's better for you if it's grown near you.

Which brings him to honey. He loves it and feels it can help you if you suffer from allergies. He talked about it during a segment on NBC 25 Today.

Although there is no scientific research linking honey consumption to reduced allergies, Discovery Health agrees there appears to be a link.

"Local honey is produced by bees usually within a few miles of where the person eating the honey lives. There's no real rule of thumb on how local the honey has to be, but proponents suggest the closer, the better. This proximity increases the chances that the varieties of flowering plants and grasses giving the allergy sufferer trouble are the same kinds the bees are including in the honey they produce. After all, it wouldn't help much if you ate honey with spores from a type of grass that grows in Michigan if you suffer from allergies in Georgia."

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