December 12, 2012

Healthy Drink Alternatives - Eat Real Food

Eat Real Food, Drink Real Drinks

One of the biggest instigators to the obesity crisis in the United States is access to sugary drinks everywhere we go. From vending machines at work and in our schools to fast food drive-thru's and 60 oz. big gulps at the gas station, we are surrounded by sugary beverages. 

Although it might not be the only cause of obesity, it's a very problematic one. Finding other options to these drinks is the first step is removing them from your diet. Even so-called "health" drinks like Vitamin Water, Gatorade and orange juice are loaded with sugar. 

The best thing to do is focus on drinking things that are not chemically modified or altered at some point. As our bodies are made mostly of water it's the obvious first choice when picking a replacement drink. But drinking water doesn't have to be boring. There are many ways to spice it up and add flavor to it making it even healthier.

Make your own flavored water! 
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Here are some Kehres Health approved drink ideas:
  • Water: add herbs, citrus fruit, spices and more to change the flavor and add health benefits as well. Some ideas include ginger, mint, lemongrass, raw honey, parsley, apple cider vinegar, any sort of berry, cucumber, lemon, lime and orange. You can make hundreds of different flavors by combining fruits and herbs!
  • Green tea: among the variety of health benefits, the most notable is its anti-cancer properties. For example, a study found that drinking green tea reduced the risk of esophageal cancer by 60 percent (1).
  • Bone broth: one of the healthiest things for digestion and joint health, you can drink it just like you would tea.
  • Black coffee: in moderation in the morning and with little additives, organic coffee is best. Drinking coffee in the afternoon can cause sleep problems, and drinking too much coffee can cause adrenal problems and decreased energy overall. 
  • Shakes and smoothies: a great way to maximize the amount of nutrients you are getting throughout the day is to make smoothies with fruits and vegetables in them. Blending is fun because you can throw about anything (healthy) in the blender. My favorite shake is my veggie shake with spinach, mixed greens, a banana and mixed berries.
  • Kombucha: fermented foods are some of the healthiest foods on earth. Making kombucha at home is the best way to drink it. 
  • Coconut water: Coconut water has been a staple of cultures living near the equator for years and contains high amounts of potassium and anti-oxidants.  
As you are making it a priority to eat real food this month, remember to also drink real drinks! 

1. Study from the Journal of National Cancer Institute

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