June 22, 2012

Meat Without Drugs

America is in a health crisis, and much of it stems from our food system. 

80% of all antibiotics are used on factory farm animals. This is a startling and scary statistic. 

Chances are, every time you eat meat from a fast food restaurant or buy meat from the grocery store that is not organic, you are probably ingesting unnecessary antibiotics. 

Meatwithoutdrugs.org created a short video explaining the health risks of eating animals raised with antibiotics.

"This system is creating antibiotic resistant superbugs that are contaminating our soil, our water and the very food we eat," the video states.

Among the many benefits of eating local, it is often easier and more affordable to buy meat in bulk from a local farm that does not give any antibiotics to their animals. 

We recently purchased antibiotic-free beef from Erskine Farm in Saginaw, Mich. (989-781-8949) and antibiotic-free chicken from Garrett Cattle Company (989-944-0124), and I strongly encourage you to buy antibiotic-free meat too!

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